Cork Meet Up 2014

Hello gorgeous :) I haven't blogged in...oh god a very long time and I feel so bad but juggling 2 jobs and life in general got to be too much. I legit eat breakfast in my car and dinner while driving to my other job, so as much fun as this all is I was in no mood to blog. Plus I went to NY during the first week of June so I was all out of whack altogether. BUT I'm back baby so lets go!

Last Saturday(the 12th) I was one of an incredibly lucky group of ladies to get the royal treatment for a day thanks to Sarah and Fiona! It was an amazing experience and I'm sure this isn't the first post you've read about the fab day! So what did we do? 
We all gathered at Lush...I was late. Awks. Once inside we were given a warm welcome and split into groups to receive information about each station from skincare to hair, it was all so much fun! We were allowed to pick out a make up product from their amazing line and we received an outstanding goodie bag (reviews to come) We even got to make our own bath bomb!! I've always loved Lush and can't wait to go back and buy some of the stuff they recommended.
Then it was on to Debenhams where I was literally speechless on arrival. We were treated to cupcakes, Prosecco and more goodie bags... gah. We got our visitor passes...I put mine on upside-down of course :P We had a lovely talk from a Clarins rep then we were told the details of the competition to win an aaaahhmazing hamper (spoiler alert Rebecca won it :P) 
The competition was fierce... #beautifix They then told us we had €50 to spend on anything we wanted....lawd was I excited! We were given the lowdown on the exclusive products at all the amazing counters, again in groups! Urban Decay was definitely my favourite and I can't wait to go back and abuse my visa card :P 
We then ventured to Costigans for some amazing tutorials from Shiseido (swoon), Gosh (Geraldine you are amazing) and mememe (I have already bought some luscious products) I was nearly late for work but omg it was worth it for the final goodie bags we recieved. Oh my lord the amount of samples and full size products was incredible and over whelming! I honestly don't know where to start but keep an eye out here for some reviews! 

I have never been so grateful in my life, Sarah and Fiona you girls did an amazing job! And thanks so much to all the lovely staff at Lush and Debenhams for an amazing day! I met so many lovely girls and can't wait to see them all again!

Thanks for reading,
Claire <3


  1. hey claire, I've nominated you for the Liebster Award if you want to have a look :)