Loving week 4 - Game of Thrones

Hello again! This week has been rather odd. Its been crazy boring some days and hella busy on other days. But one thing has remained constant: Game of Freaking Thrones!! Its so good! I really thought it was all just hype but I would recommend it to everyone.

I saw the Red Wedding last year when I was in the states so I already know a lot of spoilers but its still so good. George R R Martin did an amazing job creating this world with such an intricate history I think I may have to read the books!

Tyrion is my favourite character and if he dies I will lose it.  I don't want to ruin anything but this guy really gets screwed over something fierce. He's so freaking funny and him bitch-slapping Joffrey was the highlight of season 1.
Speaking of Joffrey my God he is such a douche nozzle I can't believe it! He is so much worse than what I saw online. I hate him so much. I know what happens to his character and I'm honestly counting down the episodes until it happens.
Its pretty close between Daenerys and Arya for my favourite female character but my god Daenerys is so fierce. She makes me die a little every time I see her because she is so darn perfect. She's flawless. I could go on forever about how fierce she is but the I don't want to spoil it for anyone!

Its back to beauty with my next post I promise but for now I hope your ready to get hooked because this show is addictive! :)

Thanks for reading,
Claire <3


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