Valentines Gift Guide for Women 2014

Okay relax, let me help you on this terrifying annual journey-even more so if your girl is a closed book! If you're looking for something to get that special lady in your life then look no further, I've got you covered!

We're going to do this quick as I'm sure you're very busy! I'm arranged it by the amount of time you've been nailed to the cross aka madly in love! :P

1 month or more: Now while a guy would appreciate a funny card as a small valentine token a girl may not find it as cool. I think a simple movie date with some flowers is perfect for someone you've been going out with for 2 or 3 months. Its casual but sweet. If you really like her, maybe even some chocolates ;P

6 months to a year: Jewellery or perfume will do nicely for this time frame. Check out her perfume collection and take notes, go to Debenhams with the list and ask the lovely (and sometimes pushy) sales assistant for similar ones. Don't feel pressured to buy the new exclusive release their being made promote. In the run up to Valentines make sure you listen to subtle hints she may give about new perfumes she might want to try.

With regards to jewellery it could be very easy; a pandora charm if she has a bracelet, or quite hard. A simple necklace like the one below is ideal (buy here). Its cute yet not an obvious stamp of undying love. Avoid hearts or something she wouldn't wear if you guys didn't work out.

2 - 4 years: At this stage I assume you two are pretty into each other. At this stage it could be fun to give each other coupons which entitle the receiver to a massage or a sandwich...or other things :P Like in the mens gift guide I think personalised gifts are so sweet and meaningful and I think she'd be so happy you'd be reaping the benefits...if you know what I mean ;P Again Not on the High Street do this kind of gift amazingly! I would be delighted to get any of these especially the print :)

A long time: If the two of you have been together a long time then I think a weekend away is a great treat for the both of you. Its a time to get some rest...or very little, and to just escape from the hustle and bustle of real life. Its so important to date even when you're long-term. She might be lusting after a new handbag or purse so gently prod her and she just might let slip about her new favourite designer! :)

For the both of you: Valentines may be like every other day but it does make it easier to try new things in the bedroom. Check out Love Honey for some fun new things to try. They offer discrete packaging so your 70 year old neighbour won't get a heart attack if he accidentally gets your mail :P Ann Summers also sell fun games but hopefully you'll have more luck than Homer :L

And that's all I've got! Good luck! If you have any lady friends who need some help too then send them over to my guide for buying for men on this wonderful hallmark holiday!

Thanks for reading,
Claire <3


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