New year new me - Resolutions 2014

2014 is a week old today so its only fitting that I share my new years resolutions with you all! I have some big stuff coming up this year and can't wait to take you all along for the ride!

My resolutions: 

Pass my driving test:

I've been Driving for the last 2 years and can't renew my licence again so I guess I have no choice. Honestly though its a great achievement especially as the test is so hard :( My mom gave up driving and I have no idea how she did it. The independence is something else and I would be lost without my little crap car!

Do my best at placement:

This year as part of my degree I get to do a 6 month internship. While I have yet to get that internship, I want to do my very best at it and no matter what try my hardest. I have been in situations before where I hated every minute but I think putting your head down gets the job done quicker and easier!

Worry less and be more positive:

I worry. I worry all.the.time. On the outside I'm all "be graaaand" this and "it'll be fiiiineee" that. But on the inside I'm freaking out. So this year I'm going to chill, at least about the small things. In terms of positivity I want to stop letting small hiccups ruining my whole day. 

Healthy eating and lifestyle. 

Yeah because nobody else says this. Really though I don't want to be a size 6 I just want to be comfortable in my clothes. Jeans that fit me this time last year actually hurt so I really need to stop with all the refined foods, sugar and if you know me I am 80% salt at this stage so that has to go :P

Blog more:

This year is going to be my year.I have some great ideas for this blog and hope you all like them! Only I can do it and I'm honestly going to try my hardest to make this something I would be proud to share with the world. Its so easy to let a week here and there pass without a post, but I really want to have at least one post up here a week when I get back to college. I would love to try my hand at YouTube but one step at a time ;) 

Save some money:

Last year I tried this and got to about €300 but then I had to smash open my hello kitty money bank to buy my ticket to the U S of A. I started backwards as it would be easier to put away €2 or €3 before christmas rather than €48! I'm going to stick to it this year and maybeeee buy camera with my savings :o I'm so excited to save money as honestly I never do and when it comes to emergencies it would be nice not to be worrying about having 0 in my account! 

Take more photos:

I have always loved photography. Although my pictures are usually my cats and dog I really love capturing moments and remembering the events surrounding it. I also think photos allow us to see how we change and my god have I changed I really want to look back on the pictures of 2014 fondly. I also need to fill up my photo album (oh yeah keeping it old school :P)

Aaaand I'm probably setting myself up for failure but at least I have some realistic goals :) Please share your resolutions posts with me or just your blog in general as I love a good read! 

Thank you so much for taking a glance over here and please do pop back every now and then :) 

Claire <3


  1. Good luck!! Saving money and spending more time blogging definitely come up on my list too! I'd also love to take more photos, I'm one of those dodo's who always realise a good photo opportunity when it's gone.

  2. I need it ! :P it'll be hard but we can do it!! That's the worst feeling! :( xx

  3. Great list, love reading other people's resolutions x

  4. Me too their so personal but really motivating!